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The Goldendoodle is a versatile dog that can fill many different roles and is a wonderful companion.

14 – 20 kg (Adult, Medium size)

10-15 years

Cream, red, black, gold, apricot, brown, white or a combination

Male: 61 – 66 cm (At Shoulder), Female: 56 – 58 cm (At Shoulder)

Intelligent, Friendly, Energetic, Trainable

A Goldendoodle Puppy from California
A Goldendoodle, also known as the Groodle (in Australia), is a dog crossbreed, bred from a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. First widely bred in the 1990s, the crossbreed is bred in three different size varieties corresponding to the size variety of Poodle used as a parent. 

Goldendoodles often demonstrate Golden Retrievers’ intuitive, and people-orientated nature; whilst benefiting from Poodles’ highly intelligent persona and “allergy-friendly” coat.

Goldendoodles—A Golden Retriever-Poodle mix is a perfect pet because of their adorable nature and lovable personality.

What is a Goldendoodle?

The combination of good looks, smart wits and playfulness is what makes the Golden retriever and poodle Goldendoodles. The hybrid is considered a “designer breed” because they were bred to have the lovable qualities of their parents. Because they are a mix, it’s difficult to know how much of each parent they inherit.

Designer Goldendoodle

Goldendoodles First appeared in the United States in the 1990s, are a new dog breed. In 1992 their adorable name was invented. Goldendoodles aren’t officially a breed of their own, but they are considered a “designer breed” because each of their parents is different from each other.

Golden retrievers are a great family dog, while poodles are very athletic and smart. The Goldendoodle is a great choice for a lifelong pal, especially for those with mild pet allergies, because it is a mix of two dogs. Goldendoodles are a mixed breed, and it’s difficult to tell which ones will inherit certain qualities.

Got an Allergy? Here’s What You Need to Know

Goldendoodles are great for people with allergies or people who don’t want to pick up the vacuum often. It is important to know that all dogs have dead skin cells, saliva, and urine, so there is no guarantee that a Goldendoodle won’t set off an allergy reaction.

A Natural Athlete

Energetic and playful, Goldendoodles love to exercise. They make great cuddle buddies and are happy to laze around on the sofa, but agility is where they shine. Families like these dogs because they are great companions.

Goldendoodles tend to weigh between 50 and 100 pounds and love going on long walks, runs, and hikes with their owners. If you like taking your dog on adventures, the Goldendoodle is a great choice.

The Best Playmates

The Goldendoodle is an ideal choice for playing fetch and frisbee with your dog. You will have a buddy to enjoy a lot of time together in the park, because this breed loves to socialize and be near their owners, and marry that with a penchant for playful behavior.

Goldendoodles Are Friendly and Respectful

Goldendoodles are perfect for a family pet because they are fast friends with children, cats, and other dog breeds.

People who prefer peace and quiet will love them; they often don’t even bark at the door. Although they aren’t the best watch dogs, their calm demeanor is part of the reason they are so friendly.